Walking on Roofs: Expa-Tread™

When walking on a roof, particular attention should be paid to the following:

  1. Always wear soft soled shoes but avoid the ribbed types that pick up and hold small stones and metal waste
  2. On metal decking, walk in the trays or on at least two ribs, as close as possible to the roofing support. Distribute body weight evenly over the soles of the feet, trying not to concentrate weight on heel or toe
  3. On pitched roofs over 25°, protection against falling should be provided by way of safety mesh, harness or perimeter protection
  4. The surfaces of zinc or aluminium coated steel and aluminium are prone to ‘scuffing’ if footwear or heavy equipment is dragged across their surface. As this affects the appearance, and possibly the performance, preventive measures should be taken

As sheets freshly taken from packs may have an oily surface, care should be taken when walking over newly laid sheets before the oil has evaporated.

Figure MC WR 001

Option 2 - Fielders® Expa-Tread™

No Drilling Means No Leaks

In a “world first” application, Fielders® Expa-Tread utilizes leading edge industrial adhesive technology that delivers secure, rigid fixing with no drilling at all. The fixing method also allows for expansion and contraction through a wide temperature range without flexing or fitment damage. Fielders® Expa-Tread is the only walkway system that upholds Fielders® Watertight 20 year no-leaks Guarantee for concealed fix roofing.*

Less Weight, No Corrosion

Fielders® Expa-Tread components are manufactured from aluminium; strong, much lighter than steel, and no corrosion problems.

Stable Footing in the Wet

Fielders® Expa-Tread grate texture means sure foot grip even when the surface is wet. Safer walking in all conditions speeds maintenance work and cuts out WorkCover claims.

Components that Comply

Fielders® Expa-Tread uses proprietary components that are fully compliant with AS1657, so meeting relevant standards is a given.

Fielders® Expa-Tread is available in kit form, comprising six metre lengths and nonslip walkway grating panels 600mm wide. Recommended spacing for supports is 700mm. Fitting is fast, simple and flexible to your requirements across large or small applications. A full specification and fitting information pack is supplied with every order.

Expa-Tread™ Installation Procedure