Guarantees & Warranties

Fielders® support their products with guarantees that are amongst the most comprehensive in the industry, to ensure the highest standards in quality and service for production and installation. Moreover, Fielders® guarantees provide building owners with assurance of the longevity of their roofs.

At Fielders® sole discretion, and subject to conditions, Fielders® may offer the following guarantees for our roof cladding:

The flagship 20 Year Watertight Installation Guarantee (terms & conditions apply) on KingKlip 700®, and HiKlip® 630 concealed-fix roof sheeting on the complete installation (refer to Appendix A)

A 5 Year Watertight Installation Guarantee on pierced-fix roofing product on the completed installation (refer to Appendix B)

To qualify for either the 5 Year Watertight Installation

Guarantee or the 20 Year Watertight Installation Guarantee just follow these three easy steps:

  1. Specify and use Fielders® roofing, walling and accessories
  2. Specify and use Fielders® Approved Contractors
  3. Specify and use Fielders® Watertight Installation Guarantee

For more information regarding these guarantees, please see Appendices A and B.

Also available are corrosion and paint performance warranties on the steel sheeting:

Up to 30 years for BlueScope Steel ZINCALUME® based products

Up to 15 years for Z600 Heritage Galvanised - the only galvanised guarantee in Australia

For more information regarding warranty and guarantees, please see Appendix C.


Any person who proposes to use the Specifying Fielders® - Roofing & Walling manual acknowledges that use of the manual is only permitted by Fielders® on the basis that the provisions of this disclaimer apply.

Care has been taken to ensure the information in the Specifying Fielders® – Roofing & Walling manual is accurate, however Fielders® does not accept responsibility for its use, or for errors due to misinterpretation by the user. The manual, associated programs, data files and documentation are the property of Fielders®. Reproduction of any kind, in whole or in part in any form, without prior written consent is strictly prohibited.

To the maximum extent permissible by law, all conditions, warranties, guarantees and representations on the part of Fielders® are expressly excluded. Fielders® liability for any claim arising out of the use of the manual is limited to the re-supply of material. Under no circumstances shall Fielders® be liable for any consequential or indirect losses.

If the user is not a qualified expert, it is recommended that the user obtain qualified expert advice when seeking confirmation on product application. The Specifying Fielders® – Roofing & Walling manual has been produced for use by practising architects and engineers as a design aid. Responsibility for the interpretation and application of the data lies entirely with the architect or engineer, contractor or builder.

Data and information are only applicable to products manufactured or supplied by Fielders® and are not applicable for other manufacturers’ and suppliers’ products which may differ in grade, size, gauge, chemical composition, tolerances, conformance to relevant standards and mechanical properties.

The product range manufactured and supplied by Fielders® may change without notice. Contact Fielders® to confirm this data is current.

Any other queries relating to the information contained in this manual should be directed to Fielders®.

Trade Marks

Bluescope®, COLORBOND® and ZINCALUME® are registered trade marks of BlueScope Steel Limited. Permastop®, Vapa-Chek®, Sisalation® and Deckmate® are registered trademarks of Fletchers Insulation Pty Ltd. Teks® and RoofZIPS® are registered trademarks of ITW Buildex. All other trade marks are properties of their respective owners.


Fielders® & Natspec Product Partnership

Fielders® Steel Roofing are proud to announce their product partnership with NATSPEC, one of Australia’s most sourced and trustworthy specification systems for building structures.

NATSPEC, founded in 1975, is a not-for-profit organis-ation that is owned by the design, building, construction and property industries through various professional associations and government property groups.

NATSPEC’s major service is the comprehensive national specification system endorsed by government and professional bodies. The specification is for all building structures with specialist packages for architects, interior designers, landscape architects, structural, mechanical, hydraulic and electrical engineers and domestic owners.

In the majority of Australian States and Territories, NATSPEC specifications are required for building projects. Government Departments and clients prefer NATSPEC specifications so that they are assured of a baseline level of project quality. FIELDERS® is the perfect choice as product partner for NATSPEC as they offer one of Australia’s largest ranges of quality steel products from roll formed sheet metal, rainheads, facades, copper and much more. FIELDERS® also have the resources to tender to specific projects and have the ability to provide different materials for the various different aspects of any development.

It is a competitive world and as the industry continues to consolidate, greater emphasis is being placed on the cost of a project. Contractors want to compete on an even footing and a NATSPEC specification means that the job will not be lost to someone who will cut the quality of construction. The partnership between FIELDERS® and NATSPEC will help improve the quality of construction in Australia via the provision of quality information, tools, products and services. Which includes but extends beyond the selection of materials by providing the baseline for acceptable quality of construction. Further information regarding Fielders® or NATSPEC can be obtained from visiting or