Flashing Order Guide

Fielders® produce a full range of custom folded gutters, flashings & cappings in continuous lengths of up to 10m. Ideally these are ordered by the customer providing a detailed, fully dimensioned drawing with all the relevant angles clearly marked. A range of typical details follow. However on occasion, it may be necessary to order a flashing over the telephone, in this instance the ‘clock’ method may be utilised, a step by step guide is given below.

Figure DD FOG 001 - The ‘Clock’ Method
  1. Place pencil on paper
  2. Draw a line to a point of the clock equivalent to angle required to a designated length
  3. Mark the dimension to the side of the line at mid point
  4. Place the pencil at the point where the line finished and assuming that the point is the centre of the clock, draw the next line using the same method
  5. When ordering COLORBOND® flashings, specify on which side of the flashing the colour is required

Figure DD FOG 002 - TYPE 41

Handy Hints

When ordering a flashing that has an obtuse angle reflecting the pitch of the roof, ensure that the angle includes the pitch plus 90° as illustrated in the example below.

When ordering flashings such as Type A and B below that require both Left and Right hand options, clearly state either by drawing both flashings completely or indicating clearly under one drawing that both left hand and right hand is required.

Figure DD FOG 003 - Type A

Figure DD FOG 004 -Type B F

Typical Flashings & Capping Details


Type 1

Type 2

Type 3

Type 4

Type 5

Type 6

Type 7

Type 8

Type 9

Type 10

Type 11

Type 12

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Type 17

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Type 20


Type 21

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Type 24

Type 25

Type 26

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Type 28

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Type 30

Type 31

Type 32

Type 33

Type 34

Type 35


Type 36

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Type 41

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Type 43

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Type 49

Type 50


Type 51

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