Hope Valley Tank Upgrade, SA

GHD Architects

York Civil


22,100m2 of ARAMAX® supplied in Aluminium


The Project

Fielders worked with York Civil to complete a $21.6 million upgrade of SA Water’s water storage tank in Hope Valley. The project is part of a wider $89 million program to refurbish 111 water storage tanks in South Australia between 2016 and 2020.

The tank itself is mostly underground and holds 136 million litres of water. The new tank roof installation marked the end of one of the final construction stages of the project and ensures ongoing water supply from Hope Valley terminal storage.

The Process

The site manufacturing capabilities of ARAMAX® allow it to be rolled onsite anywhere in the world, reducing construction time and improving project efficiency. This made ARAMAX® the perfect choice to support such a big structure. It took 35 working days to roll out the product using a pulley system across the roof and was the first time ever that this rolling system has been utilised for an ARAMAX® project.

Efficient project management was vital to the success of this project because the tank provides the drinkable water storage for the north-eastern suburbs of Adelaide, and had to be filled again for the peak water season. The new tank roof installation was completed in November 2017, just in time for the summer season.

The Solution

The water tank was previously open, with a basic roof structure that had partially collapsed in January 2010. Fielders were engaged alongside York Civil to install a new roof over the tank. The roof is supported by 117 concrete columns and is bigger than a soccer pitch. ARAMAX® was the solution of choice to accommodate such a large roofing installment, which required 22,100m2 of product. The end result is an immense roofing solution seven times lighter than a contemporary roof.

Due to the highly corrosive environment that the roof would be exposed to, aluminium was required to ensure optimum product performance for the lifespan of the roof. Fielders were able to offer the ideal product for redevelopment of the water tank t for marine grade purposes and were also able to offer a warranty exceeding the project requirements.