Vent Ridge

Figure RGA VR 001 
Figure RGA VR 003 Vent Ridge for 450mm Throat Size and Above

Figure RGA VR 002 Vent Ridge for Less Than 450mm Throat Size
Figure RGA VR 004 Cappings for Throat Sizes 450mm and Above

The size of the vent ridge should be determined in accordance with the Building Code of Australia, and any relevant state building requirements. In general the minimum ventilation required of a building is 5% of its floor area (section F4, Vol.1, Building Code of Australia 2006).

Available Materials

Material / FinishConforming toBMT (mm)Colour
ZINCALUME® SteelAS 1397 G300 - AM1250.50-
COLORBOND® SteelAS 1397 G300 - AM100 and AS 27280.50As Selected
COLORBOND® Ultra SteelAS 1397 G300 - AM150 and AS 27280.55As Selected
SuperDura Stainless SteelGrade 430 base 3000.45As Selected
Heritage GalvanisedAS 1397 G300 - Z6000.50-
Table RGA VR AM 001

Available Sizes for Vent Ridge (mm)

Vent Ridge DimensionsThroatABCDESuit Contemporary Ridge
125125808570154x = 190
150150809590175x = 229
2002008012580235x = 305
250250130140100276x = 380
300300130180125344x = 455
350250155175130363x = 425
300150200140417x = 505
450300200225190375x = 530
320200250195430x = 570
600300207265150500x = 600
Table RGA VR AS 001
The brackets for throat sizes 125, 150 and 200mm are made in 2mm gauge material. Throat sizes 300mm and above are made in 3mm gauge material.

Optional Baffle Flashing

The installation of a baffle flashing is recommended where roofing is subject to strong winds or severe weather conditions.

Figure RGA VR 005 Optional Baffle Flashings