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Fielders® are proud to present six exciting profiles that have been designed to bring a high end look to the roof and walls of your next project. Whether it’s for a conventional roofing application or a bold statement for a feature wall, the Finesse® range injects texture and depth, creating an eye catching finish to your project and transforming monotonous metals to stunning steel designs. Easy to design, easy to install and available in continuous sheets that can be made to your exact lengths, allows for each profile to be completely customised to your design.

The Fielders® Finesse® Range of architectural facades have been rigorously tested to ensure compliance with Australian Standards for both cyclonic and non-cyclonic conditions. Fielders® unique, full scale, NATA accredited laboratory testing, ensures you can be confident of not only the outstanding visual appeal of the Finesse® range but its performance as well.

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Scope of Manual

This manual is intended as a guide in the design and installation of Fielders® Finesse® products as well as the associated fasteners and accessories. The manual serves as a reference document and assists in the easy specification of Fielders® products for all personnel involved in cladding projects from architects and engineers to contractors and builders on site. By following the guidelines in this manual, a cost effective, efficient and aesthetically pleasing roof or wall can be achieved.

The data and information presented in this document deals specifically with the broad range of products available from Fielders® and must not be used on competitors’ products.