Long Length Roofing Solutions

Step joints serve no function in a concealed fix roof and are a legacy of manufacturers’ inability to transport sheets longer than 30 metres. Step joints can be the weakest link in an otherwise sound roof. They allow for the build up of debris and constitute an unwashed area that is not covered by the BlueScope Steel Warranty.

Also refer to Comparitive Analysis: Concealed Fix vs. Screw Fix for more information regarding long length roofing solutions.

Fielders® Long Length Roofing Solutions

The superior performance of Fielders® long length roofing solutions has been well documented since we first introduced on-site mobile roll forming to Australia. Fielders® have successfully supplied sheet lengths of up to 102 metres in Australia, eliminating the need for unsightly step joints.

Developers, builders and roofers have now experienced the economical and functional benefits of long length sheeting which has led to its rising popularity. As such, the number of Fielders® Mobile Mills has increased to 9; rolling products like HiKlip® 630, KingKlip 700®, Freeform™ and Shadowline 305 at sites all over Australia.

Figure DD LRS SJ 001

Fielders® range of concealed fix, long length roofing solutions is designed to accommodate thermal expansion and contraction as well as provide superior resistance to high wind loads.

What Do You Get With a Fielders® Long Length Roofing Solution?

  • No leaking screw holes
  • Fielders® unique 20 Year Watertight Guarantee
    (conditions apply)
  • No unsightly and costly step joints. Long length roof sheeting saves on unnecessary material and labour
  • A roof warranty without exclusions

Getting It Right...the Second Time

The demand for long length roofing solutions has led to Fielders® pioneering re-roofing applications without step joints.

An approved Fielders® contractor can successfully re-roof your
commercial building and eliminate step joints with a long length solution without the need to change the existing structure.

Figure DD LRS SJ 002 Original Eliminated

Purlins remain unchanged either side of the original step joint