Advantages and Applications

Delivering a distinct, signature aesthetic to your next project, ARAMAX® is the visual and functional choice for engineers, architects and builders alike. The ARAMAX® roof sheeting allows for huge roofing spans of up to 20 metres with no purlins or girts. This enables the designer to eliminate the cost and complexity of the buildings secondary structure. The ARAMAX® serves as a visually stunning and structural component of the structure, reducing cost without compromising performance.

ARAMAX® is rollformed to any transportable length. For large volume projects or those with long continuous spans, rollforming may be achieved on site.

The profile can accommodate individual project requirements by tapering the sheeting along its length to produce spectacular curves and designs. Specialist engineering assistance is available for design of ARAMAX® structures.


  • Clear spans up to 20 metres
  • Can reduce structural steel & cladding cost up to 30%
  • Significantly reduces construction time
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Accommodates irregular geometry
  • Waterproof & vermin free
  • Accommodates cantilever overhangs up to 5 metres


  • Warehousing & bulk storage
  • Workshops
  • Factories
  • Sports stadia
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Reservoir service basin roofs
  • Commercial car park roofs
  • Shade structures (e.g. schools, bowls clubs, sale yard pavilions & livestock feed lots)
  • Shelters

Design and Installation


We recognise that the design of light gauge structural cladding systems such as ARAMAX® is a very specialised field. To maximise the benefits of ARAMAX®, Fielders have assembled an Engineering, Design and Drafting Team to assist in specifying and designing with this unique product.


Due to its unique shape and size ARAMAX® is to be installed by a Fielders® approved contractor. There are a number of contractors available throughout Australia. Contact your local Fielders® representative for the Fielders® ARAMAX® Installation procedure.