Laurimar Reserve Pavilion, VIC

Insite Architects

Vault Plumbing


260m2 of 1.0mm Zinc
ARAMAX® 800 34 sheets @ 9.53m

October 2015


The Project

Officially opened in October 2015, the $1.97 million Laurimar Reserve Sports Pavilion located in Doreen, Victoria brings together the Laurimar community football, netball, cricket and basketball clubs under one roof, while also functioning as a meeting point for other local community groups and social clubs.

Fielders was contracted in partnership with Vault Plumbing to provide 260m2 of Zinc ARAMAX® 800 as the roofing solution for the contemporary sporting facility which began construction in February 2015.

The new building includes mixed change rooms and umpires’ facilities, accessible toilets and increased storage spaces for the clubs and community groups, as well as extensions to the existing canteen and spectator decking areas.

The Process

ARAMAX® 800 was supplied by Fielders during the 2015 construction phase of the project. The material was rolled at the Mile End Mill in South Australia before being placed into stillages and then transported to the job site in Victoria. The experienced engineering team from Fielders were on site throughout to provide advice during the installation process.

The Solution

ARAMAX® was chosen by Insite Architects, due to the profile’s V-shaped design which serves as a visually stunning and structural component of the build. In addition, the material allows for large roofing spans of up to 20 meters with no purlins or girts, producing a modern and bold finish to fit the building’s purpose and function.