Fielders is proud to be a Product Partner with NATSPEC.  NATSPEC Is a national not-for-profit organisation, owned by Government and industry, whose objective is to improve the construction quality and productivity of the built environment through leadership of information. It is impartial and is not involved in advocacy or policy development.

Fielders have worked with NATSPEC to create a number of Branded worksections to assist with developing product specifications.  Each branded worksection is based on the associated NATSPEC generic worksection and shares the same classification number. It is a MS Word document Template which follows the NATSPEC style and can be customised.  Download NATSPEC branded worksections here for your next specification. Branded worksections are also available to NATSPEC and AUS-SPEC subscribers through SPECbuilder Live.

NATSPEC Branded Worksections

Fielders® SlimFlor™ in Structural Steel - 0341p

Fielders® roofing - specialised sheet metal - 0424p

Fielders® cladding - specialised panels - 0437p Finesse® Range

Fielders® KingFlor® in concrete formwork - 0311p

Fielders® roofing - profiled sheet metal -  0423p

Fielders® cladding - profiled sheet metal - 0436p