Lo-Rib™ Non-Cyclonic


About Lo-Rib™

Lo-Rib™ is manufactured from High-Tensile steel in both 0.35mm and 0.42mm based metal thicknesses. Lo-Rib™ is recommended for wall cladding purposes in steel buildings or sheds with walls no higher than 3m. Available in long lasting ZINCALUME® and COLORBOND® steel, Lo-Rib™ provides and attractive finish as a price conscience alternative.

Lo-Rib™ NON-CYCLONIC Profile

Lo-Rib™ NON-CYCLONIC Profile Cross Section

Material Specifications

Base Metal Thickness (mm)0.350.42BMT
Total Coated Thickness (mm)0.40*0.47*TCT
Mass / Unit LengthZINCALUME®2.753.30kg/m
Mass / Unit AreaZINCALUME®3.374.04kg/m2
Minimum Yield StrengthG550Base Steel Designation
Coating ClassZ600 (Heritage Galvanised)
AM150 (COLORBOND® Ultra)
Z450 (Galvanised)
Minimum Coating g/m2 of Zinc -
Coverage (mm)817
ToleranceSheet Length ±10mm Cover Width
Thermal Expansion2.9mm average per 5m at 50°C
Table LR MS NC 001 - Lo-Rib™
  1. Lo-RibTM is manufactured from materials in accordance to AS 1397 and AS 2728. It is to be installed in accordance with AS 1562 and HB 39.
  2. The sectional properties are theoretical values per sheet width. These properties are gross values only.
  3. *is based on Standard COLORBOND® single-sided material. For other painted steel options please contact a Fielders® representative.

Maximum Recommended Span* (mm)

Span Type0.35 BMT0.42 BMT
End Span9001350
Internal Span13001800
Table LR RS NC 001 - Lo-Rib™


Figure LR NC 001 End Spans, Internal Spans and Overhangs illustrates the terminology end spans, internal spans, and overhangs and their reference to the supporting substructure. This terminology has been used in the following Maximum Recommended Span and Wind Load Capacity tables.

Lo-Rib™ NON-CYCLONIC Figure LR NC 001 End Spans, Internal Spans and Overhangs

Figure LR NC 001 End Spans, Internal Spans and Overhangs

Pierce Fixing

Fasteners must be selected to match the life expectancy of the cladding material. Recommendations from fastener manufacturers should be sought. Only fasteners complying with AS 3566:2002 and those that are compatible with the roofing material should be used for its fastening.

Pierce Fixing Table

Fixing SupportsValley Fixing (Wall Only)Side Lap Fixing
1.0 to 3.5mm
Hex Head Tek Screw with seal
Buildex Multigrip
Aluminium/Steel Rivets
Timber Hardwood & SoftwoodM6-11x25mm
Hex Head RoofZips with seal
Table LR PF NC 001 - Lo-Rib™
  1. All fasteners used externally should be fitted with an EPDM seal (washer). Do not use punches to form fastener holes.

Fastener Spacings - Non-Cyclonic

Valley Fastener Location 

Lo-Rib™ NON-CYCLONIC Valley Fastener Location 

Externally, panels should be lapped away from the prevailing weather.

Table LR FS NC 001

Side Lap Fastener

Side lap fasteners are required at mid span when girt centres are 1800mm or greater. These are essential to hold the sheet laps firmly in place and maintain a weather-proof joint. Use aluminium 4-2 rivets.


Care needs to be taken when installing insulation with roof sheeting. When insulation thickness up to 50mm are installed the screws detailed in Table LR PF NC 001 may need to be increased depending on the thickness and density of the insulation. When the screw is properly tightened into metal there should be a minimum of three (3) threads protruding past the support being fixed in to. For timber the screw must penetrate the timber as much as the screws detailed in Table LR PF NC 001 do without insulation.

For insulation thicknesses greater than 50mm Fielders® recommend the use of a thermal spacer to help maintain Rw values as well as minimising any bulging in the profile caused by the insulation.

Lo-Rib™ Installation Procedure

For installation procedures see section "Typical Pierce Fix Installation Guide". For general handling instructions refer to section “Maintenance and Care”.

Maximum Sheet Length