Gutter Capacity Tool Example

The Steel Select Gutter Capacity Tool is coming soon.

The Steel Select Gutter Capacity Tool is an online calculator designed to calculate eaves gutter capacity and determine both the number of downpipes required and downpipe size. Visit the Gutter Capacity Tool Web Page to start using the calculator.

Step 1

Get started by selecting the gutter capacity tool.

Step 2 and 3

Select start and then select the gutter slope profile for the project and wind conditions in your region.

Step 4

Specify the slope and wind conditions.

Step 5

If the catchment area is known, enter the value and click ‘proceed’. Otherwise the catchment area can be worked out online by specifying the plan area and roof pitch.

Step 6

Enter the rainfall intensity if known. If not, select the state and city the project is based in and the rainfall intensity will be shown.

Step 7

Specify the downpipe style.

Calculate results

Specifications and frequently asked questions for the gutter chosen are now displayed. Please note that details of the five steps will be displayed in the calculation summary on the right hand side of the screen for easy viewing.